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24th Apr

TWD: It Happened. I Finally Got Pickpocketed…

I never saw the bastards coming. There were two – one driving the motorbike and the other sitting behind him. The second guy was the thief. The first was the getaway driver.

22nd Apr

Meet the Long Neck Tribe in Thailand

When I was a young girl, I remember looking in a magazine, probably National Geographic, staring at an image of a woman. Her neck was disproporationately long, resembling a giraffe, more than a human. Around that neck sat a series of brass rings. That image stuck with me as I grew up because I realized […]

20th Apr

The Weirdest Buddhist Temple on Earth

Bleach white hands are reaching up at me from the ground. A bottle of whiskey stands on top of a set of red skulls, while a Batman head hangs nearby. And a giant Predator torso is sticking out of the ground. This isn’t at all what I expected when we came to the White Temple […]

18th Apr

Why We Chose the Elephant Nature Park

We knew when we started planning the Southeast Asia portion of our trip that we wanted to see elephants up close. Not just see them, but ride them and take awesome pictures of us riding them. That plan changed dramatically when we found out about the Elephant Nature Park, and we’re so glad that it […]

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