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16th Aug

The Atacama Desert: A Beauty of Extremes

Welcome to the Atacama Desert. To borrow a line from Dickens, this place can only be “received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.” Everything here is extreme, and when you describe it, that description often ends with “…in the world.” For us, it was one of the most fascinating […]

06th Aug

Lima Water Show Lights Up The Night

Lima isn’t exactly known as the center of Peruvian tourism. That distinction belongs to Cusco, and for good reason. Most tourists pass through Lima only out of necessity, since most flights to Cusco require a layover in Peru’s capital. But it would be a mistake to miss some of Lima’s highlights, including the spectacular Lima […]

01st Aug

TWD: Long-term Health and HbA1c on the Road

At the moment, we’re back on American soil for Cassie’s brother’s wedding and some fun family beach time. That also means it’s time my first doctor’s appointment since my diagnosis and my HbA1c test. Specifically, it’s time for a blood test to measure how well I’ve been managing my blood sugar over the last few […]

28th Jul

Going Organic at Emiliana in Casablanca Valley

If you’re visiting Santiago, you’re most likely going to do some wine tasting. We did a lot of wine tasting outside of Chile’s capital city. It was amazing. Every winery has its own unique attributes. But, one of our favorites is a winery in Casablanca Valley known for being a leader in organic wine production. […]