10th Dec

Meals of the Mundo: Gluhwein

The urge to start this post with a cheesy holiday cliche was nearly overpowering. There are so many to choose from! Should I go with “It’s the most wonderful time of the year?” Or maybe “Tis the season?” What about “Twas the night before…?” How ’bout I just make up my own! “Get me another […]

27th Dec

A Kenyan Christmas and the Best Gift from British Airways

The young boy tossing a football with me has no mother. He has no father. No brothers and sisters. They are victims of the AIDS epidemic raging across Kenya and Africa. Like his friends, he is an orphan. And he would be alone – they would all be alone – if not for Paul and […]

25th Dec

Christmas in Bethlehem: Celebrating Where it All Began

One of the hardest parts of traveling for so long is that we have to spend holidays away from friends and family. We wanted to do something special for Christmas since we couldn’t be with our loved ones. Thankfully, we’re in Israel, where it’s easy to do something special. We celebrated Christmas in Bethlehem, spending […]

21st Dec

‘Tis the Season to Give… Bananas?!

What are you getting this holiday season? What are you giving? Because as they say, ’tis the season. On our way to Mt. Kenya, we bought some bananas from a woman on the side of the road. We paid the equivalent of $2 in Kenyan shillings for about 30 bananas. (That works out to about […]