28th Sep
jerusalem-blood-moon-old-city (21)

The Stunning Jerusalem Blood Moon

Considering the fact that the next blood moon is nearly 20 years away and I have absolutely no patience for that sort of waiting, it seemed like a good idea to wake up painfully early to photograph the Jerusalem blood moon in all of its astronomical glory. It was absolutely worth it.

11th Jun

Our Hike on the Great Wall of China (with video)

No visit to China is complete without a day at the Great Wall of China. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t see it from space, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. By most estimates, the Wall is longer than America at 3,700+ miles long. We’ve seen some estimates well above 5,000 miles. Either […]

08th Jun

A Photo Journey Along the Great Wall

The Great Wall of China was at the top of our China itinerary since we began traveling. We signed up for a 3-day hike along the Great Wall with Visit Beyond. Within minutes of reaching the Wall, I concluded it was the most amazing man-made structure I had ever seen, beating out Angkor Wat. What […]

22nd Dec

The 17 Cutest Animals in Kenya Will Melt Your Heart

We thought about writing a Christmas card. We even got as far as an opening line or two. Then we decided you’d much rather see our list of the 17 Cutest Animals in Kenya. Spoiler alert: hyenas didn’t make the cut.