10 Best Photos of Scotland

On January 27, 2016 by Oren and Cassie

Scotland blew us away with its amazing scenery, convincing us that we had no choice but to share our “10 Best Photos of Scotland” with you. Anyone who has been to Scotland knows that while the landscape is amazing, the weather can be a drag. It rains a lot. We had rainy weather in Edinburgh, but lucked out with great weather as we worked our way north into the Scottish Highlands.

Exploring Scotland is worth it – especially if you rent a car. You never know what castle you will stumble upon next. Here are our 10 best photos of Scotland:

10) Leaving Stirling, we drove north toward the Scottish Highlands. This photo captures the beautiful farmland along the way.

best-of-scotland-pictures (3)

9) Stirling is about one hour outside of Edinburgh. We toured Stirling Castle, but couldn’t leave without this view of the Statue of Robert the Bruce and the William Wallace Monument.

best-of-scotland-pictures (2)

8) Getting to the Isle of Skye in western Scotland took some time. But, while we were there, we tried to explore as many of the back roads as we could.

best-of-scotland-pictures (9)

7) With fabulous weather, we were able to get this amazing sunset over the Isle of Skye.

best-of-scotland-pictures (10)

6) You won’t find many telephone booths in rural Scotland. This was one of the few. Not sure if it still works.

best-of-scotland-pictures (8)

5) Inverness is considered the capital of the Highlands. While we spent only one night here before heading deeper into the Highlands, the walk along the river on Castle Road was absolutely beautiful.

best-of-scotland-pictures (6)

4) There are many sites worth photographing in Edinburgh. But, one of the best shots we snagged was of this Scottish bagpiper.

best-of-scotland-pictures (1)

3) The Eileen Donan Castle is one of the most recognized castles in Scotland and dates back to the 13th century. It is the ancestral home of Clan MacRae and has been fully restored. This castle can be seen in Dornie, on the way to the Isle of Skye in western Scotland.

best-of-scotland-pictures (7)

2) Fall is an amazing time to visit Scotland. There is beauty over every hill and through every valley.

best-of-scotland-pictures (4)

1) This is our favorite photo of Scotland- the ruins of Urquhart Castle overlooking Loch Ness. It rained while we were there (big surprise), then the clouds opened up and we caught a beautiful rainbow. And no, we did not see the Loch Ness monster…

best-of-scotland-pictures (5)

Those are our 10 best photos of Scotland. We took so many more photos of amazing places, but we couldn’t include everything. Have we convinced you to visit Scotland yet?


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