Our Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

On January 1, 2014 by Oren and Cassie

Normally we celebrate New Year’s Eve with a huge party in New Jersey (to which you are all invited next year). But this year we’re not home, so we partied near Tel Aviv, Israel. We got to thinking, what are our resolutions for 2014? Here’s what the new year has in store for us.

10) Find Balance in All We Do

Generally, we feel it’s healthy to have a good work/play balance in life. Now that we’re traveling, we definitely swung way over to the “play” side. But hopefully we’ll find some work to do along the way!


Here, we’re balanced between the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

9) Engage Readers From All 7 Continents

We’re trying to grow our blog in 2014, so we hope to connect with readers from all over the world. Anybody have any connections in Antarctica?


Cassie got us one more reader in Kenya!

8) Speak 25 Languages

This one might be a bit ambitious, but thankfully, we’re not trying to learn entire languages. We just want to learn a few phrases (“Hello”; “Thank You”; “Where is the nearest pub?”) so we can feel a bit like locals. We have learned that making the effort to do that really makes a difference while traveling. Nasdrovia!


Cassie tried to comprehend a map in 4 languages, none of them English.

7) Learn More About Other Beliefs

We’ve got Judaism and Christianity covered. Now it’s time to learn about other religions. In Spain and Israel, we learned a lot about Islam. When we head to Southeast Asia, we’ll learn about Buddhism and more.


We experienced Christmas Eve in Bethlehem. Incredible!

6) See More of the World

We are inevitably doing this since we’re three months into our trip, but it’s just a reminder that we’re very lucky to be on an amazing journey. Each country is special in its own way, and every city is a new experience!


Oren jumped 20 feet into the air to see more of the world.

5) Taste Exotic Foods

Whether it’s cola de toro (tail of the bull) in Sevilla or chapati (thin bread) in Kenya, we commit to trying new and exotic foods, even if it’s incredibly spicy food in Southeast Asia.


Hungarian langos anyone?

4) Tap Into Our Adventurous Side

We love adventure. It’s the spice of life. (Although if you’re Hungarian, it’s paprika.) Even if something is a bit scary or seems a bit insane, we’re doing it.


Cassie’s adventure for the day was overcoming her fear of heights at the Duomo in Florence.

3) Support Each Other

On the road, it’s often just the two of us. It gets tough sometimes without friends and family, which is why it’s always important that we support one another. When we miss home, we always know that we have each other to lean on.


We support each other physically and emotionally.

2) Make New Friends

We’ve been lucky enough to meet people from all over the world (and lots of people from Australia!). We absolutely love making new friends, and we can’t wait to see who we get to know in 2014.


It’s easy to make friends with a giraffe (if you have food)!

1) Laugh More

Our number one resolution is simple. We want to laugh more. We have shared thousands of laughs this past year. We want to laugh even more. With our friends, with our family, and with complete strangers. Laugh with us!


Here, we’re laughing at how awful Oren looks with a goatee.

We have loved having you along for our travel adventures so far, and we hope you’ll stay with us through the next year. We’ve got big plans for 2014 and 2015 including Southeast Asia and South America. From our 42nd Class family to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy new year!!

We hope our resolutions got you thinking. We would love to hear YOUR resolutions for 2014! Let us know below or shoot us an email.

6 Responses to “Our Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2014”

  • I absolutely love this! Amazing goals and all very achievable! I never make resolutions but after reading this, now I want to make a list! Happy New Year! Miss you guys!

  • Love your resolutions — esp. the food one, Cassie. Oh, and that facial something-or-other-on-your-otherwise-fine face, Oren?

    Resolution no. 11.

    Buon anno!

  • Thanks for posting this. I could easily agree with those 2014 resolutions. Great blog you have too, neat layout. I’ve just started subscribing to your feed.

  • I know it’s April, but those are still some solid resolutions. Pretty sure I’m going to copy you.

    • Absolutely!! Love your website. Keep exploring, and we’ll meet for a beer back in Denver when your travels wrap up 🙂

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