5 Sites You Can’t Miss in Prague!

On November 27, 2013 by Oren and Cassie

Prague is an enchanting city. We weren’t even originally planning to make this city a stop on our travels. But, after Poland, we realized that we had some extra time in Europe. As any good traveler does, we sought input from other travelers on where we needed to go. Prague won, hands down. Why? It’s hard to explain if you’ve never been there. But, even just after a few minutes of being there and walking the streets, you understand why it’s such a special place.


Prague Castle

There’s no doubt you will find enough to see to fill your time there. Still, if you have two days or twenty, there are some attractions you just can’t miss. That’s why we decided to abbreviate our list to “five.” That way, regardless of your timetable, you’ll be able to enjoy Prague’s highlights.


1) Prague Castle: Get your walking shoes on. Prague Castle is situated on a hill and is considered the largest castle complex in the world. It covers more than 18 acres and includes multiple buildings and three courtyards. The castle dates back all the way to 880 AD. We decided to spend an entire day at the castle and chose a ticket for the Long Tour (350 KC). But, people can shorten the visit to half a day and opt for the Short Tour (250 KC) instead. Entry is free to the courtyards. Note: Changing of the guard is worth seeing. It happens at noon every day.

2) Charles Bridge: This gothic bridge connects the Old Town and the Lesser Town, or Mala Stana. Its construction began in 1357. Today, you will see various statues along the river. The most famous is of St. John of Nepomuk who was killed by being thrown in the river from the bridge. You will see people rubbing this statue. It’s supposed to bring good luck and means you will return one day to Prague. During the day, there are also many vendors and musicians on this pedestrian bridge.


The Charles Bridge gate

3) Prague’s Famous Towers: We may be cheating a bit because this entry includes more than one attraction. There are several towers in Prague that are worth checking out. Two of them are right next to the Charles Bridge. The Mala Stana Bridge Towers connect the bridge to Mala Stana (Lesser Town). People can climb this tower for 75 KC and get a good view of the bridge. The Old Town Bridge Tower connects the bridge at the opposite side with a gate entrance. Simply walking across Charles Bridge, you will have the opportunity to marvel at both separate towers.

4) Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock: Every walking tour will take you by the Astronomical Clock. It was created in 1410. That fact in itself is amazing, because for something that intricate and impressive, it was created in a time where most people thought the world was FLAT. And the clock has a surprise for visitors. Every hour on the hour between 8am and 8pm, the skeleton starts ringing his bell and spectators get to see a little “show” in the windows above the clock’s face. Although a very underwhelming display, there is always a crowd there ready to watch it.

5) The Jewish Quarter: While many Jewish buildings and synagogues in Europe were destroyed in WWII, Prague’s Jewish Quarter remained amazingly intact. Some buildings date back to 1096, when the area was first walled off as the Jewish Ghetto in Prague. The Old-New Synagogue is the oldest “preserved” synagogue in Central Europe and is at the heart of the Golem legend in Jewish mythology. The quarter also includes the Jewish Town Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery.


The Old-New Synagogue

If you enjoy opera, Prague also offers visitors the opportunity to see opera for as little as 5 euro a night. And even if you don’t enjoy opera, it’s a good deal for an evening!

Check out our Prague gallery.


3 Responses to “5 Sites You Can’t Miss in Prague!”

  • We’re heading to Prague in July so will definitely tick all five of these off, thanks 😀

  • Great sites–not to be missed. If I remember correctly, we got a combo pass in the Jewish Quarter that let us see most of the noteworthy sites. Even though it wasn’t cheap, I know we spent more time and saw things we enjoyed that wouldn’t have seen if we had breezed through without paying admission.

    If you could add one more, I would suggest the U Fleku beer hall– it survived Communism and Capitalism– it’s been there since 1499. I wrote about it here: http://homesteadandabroad.com/wp/?p=4

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