About us

Who are we you ask? And why would two otherwise hard-working people leave their jobs to travel the world for a year?! In short, because this world is far too big and we’ve seen far too little of it. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Atacama Desert, Angkor Wat – these destinations called out to us, not just as GPS coordinates on a map, but as places rich with history, culture, and beauty. For years we wanted to see them. Then we decided we were going to see them. Together. On a budget.

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Corporate world be damned. The world will be our proverbial oyster. Except we can’t afford oysters. So the world will be our (not so proverbial) rice and beans.

We hope you (digitally) join our adventure. We’d love to have you along!


What did you want to be when you grew up? Well Cassie always knew. She wanted to be a journalist. She loved the power of words and their ability to change the world. With the help of her typical full-speed ahead, no-one-can-stop-me attitude, plus a college education, she became a reporter. Yet somewhere between the dream and the accomplishment, she discovered something she loved more. Words are only worth the ability one has to read them. English is one of the most widely recognized languages in the world. It was this revelation that brought her to her current career- teaching English as a second language. Coupled with her love of traveling, it was undeniably one of the best choices she ever made (besides marrying Oren).


Before beginning the round-the-world trip, Oren was a television reporter. If you knew him growing up, you’d realize that’s absolutely ridiculous. No one took him seriously then, and there’s a good chance that hasn’t changed. He’s still waiting for them to take back his two Emmys. For a solid eight year stretch, Oren worked as a journalist, most recently in Philadelphia. He covered crime, government, hurricanes, and more crime.

Above all else (with the notable exception of his wife), Oren loves flying. His lifelong dream was to be a pilot, and on March 14, 2007, he earned his pilot’s license. One of the hardest parts of traveling for a year is being away from the airplane his dad built in the basement. For the pilots out there, Oren is a proud EAA and AOPA member.

How We Met

The true story involves a swashbuckling tale of romance and gallantry, and since few people seem to believe it, we’ve come up with a much simpler replacement story that suffices.

As Oren neared the end of his two-year reporting stint at a local tv news station in Delaware, he asked permission to get out of his contract early. They granted him permission to leave while at the same time hiring his replacement.

Oren did as any reasonable man would do and refused to talk to or help out his replacement in any way, opting instead to choose the immature route and blacklist whoever they decided to hire. Lo and behold, the replacement was Cassie, and, when Oren saw her, his willpower and steadfast resolve to rain only invective upon her wilted. He decided that, instead of making her life miserable, he should probably take her on a date. They got married 5 years later.

And the rest, as they say, is history…

Traveling with Diabetes

On Valentine’s Day 2014, pretty much right in the middle of the trip, Oren was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in Nepal. We had to go home for 5 weeks to learn about diabetes and for Oren to recover, but we got back on the road. Our blog has shifted gears a bit. We’re certainly still a travel blog, but we’re also talking about traveling with diabetes. We hope to inspire others to travel by showing everyone how we do it!

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