05th Apr

How You Can Change the World One Person at a Time

There’s a saying in Judaism that I’ve always liked: “He who saves one life, saves the world entire.” Has my big sis in Nairobi, Kenya officially qualified as saving a life? I don’t know, but after reading her latest blog post, I think she can change the world, even if only for one person. I’d […]

26th Jan

Step into a Different World in a Maasai Village

Experiencing different cultures has always fascinated me. The traditions that people hold on to and refuse to let go. A way of life that seems so antiquated, so primal, still thrives. The Maasai people have roamed the African plains for thousands of years and their way of life will shock most Westerners. We visited a […]

27th Dec

A Kenyan Christmas and the Best Gift from British Airways

The young boy tossing a football with me has no mother. He has no father. No brothers and sisters. They are victims of the AIDS epidemic raging across Kenya and Africa. Like his friends, he is an orphan. And he would be alone – they would all be alone – if not for Paul and […]

22nd Dec

The 17 Cutest Animals in Kenya Will Melt Your Heart

We thought about writing a Christmas card. We even got as far as an opening line or two. Then we decided you’d much rather see our list of the 17 Cutest Animals in Kenya. Spoiler alert: hyenas didn’t make the cut.