01st Aug

TWD: Long-term Health and HbA1c on the Road

At the moment, we’re back on American soil for Cassie’s brother’s wedding and some fun family beach time. That also means it’s time my first doctor’s appointment since my diagnosis and my HbA1c test. Specifically, it’s time for a blood test to measure how well I’ve been managing my blood sugar over the last few […]

22nd Feb

The Hardest Week of My Life

After a 15-hour flight from Abu Dhabi which included an unexpected diversion to DC and a 5-hour delay, we’ve landed once again on American soil. It may be 7 months ahead of schedule, but, without a doubt, this is where we need to be. For now. A few thoughts on the last week or so…

27th Aug

Philadelphia in a Day… or Two

Thinking about visiting the “City of Brotherly Love?” Need an itinerary for Philadelphia in a day? Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning guest, Philadelphia can be an overwhelming place. Drivers and traffic alone will get your blood boiling, not to mention how difficult it is to elicit a smile from the people passing […]

11th Aug

Follow the Yellowstone Road…

In a sort of first test of our blog, our camera, and our gear, we went to Yellowstone with our family for a final U.S. vacation. We would never miss our annual opportunity to experience the sort of stress and insanity that are unique to large family gatherings. Yellowstone is breathtakingly beautiful in two very […]