12th Feb
matsumoto-castle-japan (11)

An Evening at Japan’s Matsumoto Castle

Our second stop in Japan after spending a few days in Tokyo was a small city called Matsumoto in Nagano prefecture. It’s famous for Matsumoto Castle, the oldest castle still standing in Japan. Matsumoto Castle dates back more than 400 years, and I was lucky enough to spend an evening walking around the profoundly beautiful […]

05th Jan

Tsukiji: The Fishiest Market On Earth

Most people on earth believe there is a fundamental and quantifiable number that defines, either in kilograms or pounds, how much fish one should eat in a day. This number is, or at least should be, some sort of fraction. For example, according to this website that I don’t trust all that much (though it […]

20th Nov
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Sumo Traditions: A Sport of Centuries

To watch a sumo match is to immerse yourself in centuries of tradition. It is a way of stepping back in time, to an era when ceremony and ritual were just as important as final victory. Although we didn’t fully understand all of the sumo traditions, we felt the immeasurable respect the Japanese have for […]