06th May

The Best Luang Prabang Day Trips

If you’re planning to go to Laos, you’re probably hoping for some rest and relaxation. Laos is a beautiful country with a completely laid-back atmosphere. Even if you want to get away from it all, at some point, you’ll be ready for an adventure. When you are, there are some great Luang Prabang day trips.

03rd May

The 5 Stages of Drinking Cobra Whiskey

We make it a point to try whatever the local drink is. In Hungary, it’s palinka. In Spain, it’s sangria. Then we get to Laos, where they have taken crazy drinks to a new level. Get ready for your first sip of cobra whiskey.

01st May

Take in the Quiet Beauty of the Luang Prabang Monks

It’s a Buddhist tradition that started hundreds of years ago. Every morning around 5:30 am, a line of Luang Prabang monks wearing orange robes begin to appear along the main city street. Locals kneel along the sidewalk with their freshly-made rice, waiting for the monks to approach. Tak Bat is one of the quietest and […]

28th Apr

Celebrate Songkran: The Giant Lao New Year Water Fight

The Lao New Year is a celebration unlike any other we’ve come across. The party in Luang Prabang lasts at least three days. More often, it becomes a full week of partying. To usher in the upcoming rainy season, the city turns into a giant water fight.