30th May

Historic “Truths”: The Other Version of the Vietnam War

Any war museum that has a wing called “Historic Truths” should immediately be recognized as a propaganda tool. And that’s exactly what Saigon’s War Remnants Museum is. It’s an anti-America propoganda campaign, smearing the U.S. as a war-mongering country and painting Vietnam as a peace-loving utopia. War is never that black and white. Still, the […]

28th May

Ha Long Bay: A UNESCO Site… For Now

Ha Long Bay in North Vietnam was on our list from the very beginning. A beautiful collection of thousands of limestone islands, Ha Long Bay is one of Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But maybe not for long. UNESCO may pull Ha Long Bay off the list, just like it considered doing for one of […]

25th May

How to Dress for Success with Hoi An Suits

Maybe you’ve given up the 9 to 5 and don’t even want to think about wearing a business suit ever again. Even if you have, it’s never a bad thing to have one hanging up in your closet, just in case. So, why not have a hand-picked, custom-made, INEXPENSIVE business suit? That’s what you’re going […]