20th Jan

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee in Panama

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. If you are a coffee lover and find yourself in Panama, you must add taking a coffee tour to your itinerary. We love coffee so much, it quickly moved close to the top of our itinerary for our trip to Panama.

10th Dec

Meals of the Mundo: Gluhwein

The urge to start this post with a cheesy holiday cliche was nearly overpowering. There are so many to choose from! Should I go with “It’s the most wonderful time of the year?” Or maybe “Tis the season?” What about “Twas the night before…?” How ’bout I just make up my own! “Get me another […]

04th Aug

Meals of the Mundo: Ponce Livornese

There are many wonderful drinks you can make by mixing coffee with alcohol. Unfortunately, the Italians haven’t figured out any of them. For some reason, the country has mastered wine and coffee. But when they tried to go a step further, all hell broke lose and they came up with a Ponce Livornese.

07th Nov

Foynes and the Origin of Irish Coffee

We’d been traveling the Irish countryside for a week and a half, drinking in the sights nearly as often as we soaked in the rain. I spotted the flyer at a Tourist Information Center – the kind liberally sprinkled in small towns to give you a place to purchase souvenirs and ask questions, in that […]