27th Jan

10 Best Photos of Scotland

Scotland blew us away with its amazing scenery, convincing us that we had no choice but to share our “10 Best Photos of Scotland” with you. Anyone who has been to Scotland knows that while the landscape is amazing, the weather can be a drag. It rains a lot. We had rainy weather in Edinburgh, […]

24th Jan

What’s the Meaning of Stonehenge?

“What’s the meaning of Stonehenge? It’s killing me that no one knows why it was built 5,000 years ago…what’s the purpose of Stonehenge? A giant granite birthday cake or a prison far too easy to escape?”

26th Sep

Five Things in Ghent You Shouldn’t Miss

To be honest, there are more than five things in Ghent you shouldn’t miss. But, for those of you unfamiliar with Belgian geography, you’re still probably trying to figure out where Ghent is. Is it east or west of Brussels…? If you are indeed one of those people, don’t feel too bad because the city […]

23rd Sep

How to Cook Perfect Belgian Waffles

Warning: You may be hungry after reading this because it’s all about Belgian waffles. Why write an entire article just about waffles? Because, Belgium is known for three things: its beer….its chocolate…and its waffles. Plus, they’re delicious.