09th Nov

Fun with Photography at the Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s most popular natural attraction, and they are absolutely stunning. The cliffs rise about 700 feet above the water. From the top, you can see the violent waves blasting the exposed stone below. When I first wrote about Ireland, I said you can see Mother Nature’s anger in the Emerald […]

07th Nov

Foynes and the Origin of Irish Coffee

We’d been traveling the Irish countryside for a week and a half, drinking in the sights nearly as often as we soaked in the rain. I spotted the flyer at a Tourist Information Center – the kind liberally sprinkled in small towns to give you a place to purchase souvenirs and ask questions, in that […]

06th Nov

Pucker Up: The Legend of Blarney Castle

Did you ever wish that words came easily for you? Glossophobia, better known as the fear of public speaking, is the number one fear in America, ranking ahead of death and spiders. Knowing what to say at the correct time is a true gift…or is it? Maybe those people have simply kissed the Blarney Stone. […]

04th Nov

The Rock of Cashel and an Irish Hangover Cure

Irish history is full of wonderful myths and legends woven together with superstitions. Irish culture is full of drinking. Inevitably, these two converged, and they did so at the Rock of Cashel, one of Ireland’s most famous monuments. THE ROCK OF CASHEL Technically, the Rock of Cashel isn’t a castle, although it certainly looks like […]