04th Aug

Meals of the Mundo: Ponce Livornese

There are many wonderful drinks you can make by mixing coffee with alcohol. Unfortunately, the Italians haven’t figured out any of them. For some reason, the country has mastered wine and coffee. But when they tried to go a step further, all hell broke lose and they came up with a Ponce Livornese.

21st Jul

Meals of the Mundo: Hungarian Palinka

Just as I try to eat whatever the locals eat, I try to drink whatever the locals drink. In Hungary, that means drinking a lot of palinka. You can find it everywhere in Budapest and probably the rest of the country. How much you drink depends on how adventurous you want to be. 

07th Jul

Meals of the Mundo: Cola de Toro

Since we began traveling the world, we have eaten a bewildering array of foods and consumed an eclectic list of drinks. Some of these we have written about. Others we have masticated or imbibed privately. Now we say NO MORE. Introducing our new weekly series: Meals of the Mundo.

22nd Jan

Couchsurfing Part 2: Your New Home Away from Home

We were already exhausted when we sat on the steps of Piazza Repubblica and waited for our Couchsurfing host. We had been awake for 23 hours. The relief of a warm bed was a short drive away. But we had no idea what our host had in store for us. As we soon found out, […]