16th Nov

Our Top 13 Ireland Pictures

Why our Top 13 Ireland Pictures and not our Top 10? Because 13 is my lucky number, so we’re going with a Top 13 Ireland pictures. Ireland is also 30% more beautiful than any place I’ve ever seen, so it gets 30% more photos. 13) Wicklow Cemetery Our first stop outside of Dublin was Wicklow […]

15th Nov

The Black Taxi Tour of Belfast

The Black Taxi tour is a must-do if it’s your first time in Belfast or Ireland. Many times in our travels, we’ve heard about battles or wars fought centuries or at least decades ago. The Black Taxi tour takes you through the Troubles – the fight between Catholics and Protestants in Belfast and Northern Ireland […]

13th Nov

Giant’s Causeway: 10 Miles of Rugged Beauty

Giant’s Causeway had been on our itinerary since Day 1. We always knew we wanted to hike the most northern part of Northern Ireland, regardless of the time of year or the weather. We’re glad we did. Although it took a few days until our legs stopped aching, the hike is spectacular.

11th Nov

Meet the Kavanaghs in Kinvara

There are barely any street signs on the country roads of Ireland. Homes don’t have regular addresses like most Americans are accustomed to reading. When you ask for directions to someone’s farm, you’ll get something like this: “Go two streets, turn right at the sign for ‘new potatoes’ and after about one mile, look for […]