23rd Sep

How to Cook Perfect Belgian Waffles

Warning: You may be hungry after reading this because it’s all about Belgian waffles. Why write an entire article just about waffles? Because, Belgium is known for three things: its beer….its chocolate…and its waffles. Plus, they’re delicious.

05th Jan

Tsukiji: The Fishiest Market On Earth

Most people on earth believe there is a fundamental and quantifiable number that defines, either in kilograms or pounds, how much fish one should eat in a day. This number is, or at least should be, some sort of fraction. For example, according to this website that I don’t trust all that much (though it […]

10th Dec

Meals of the Mundo: Gluhwein

The urge to start this post with a cheesy holiday cliche was nearly overpowering. There are so many to choose from! Should I go with “It’s the most wonderful time of the year?” Or maybe “Tis the season?” What about “Twas the night before…?” How ’bout I just make up my own! “Get me another […]

20th Oct

Meals of the Mundo: Pickled Herring

We’re overdue for another Meals of the Mundo. This time, we head for the Netherlands, partly because Cassie surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam for my birthday, but also because I had to try their local delicacy.