28th Sep
jerusalem-blood-moon-old-city (21)

The Stunning Jerusalem Blood Moon

Considering the fact that the next blood moon is nearly 20 years away and I have absolutely no patience for that sort of waiting, it seemed like a good idea to wake up painfully early to photograph the Jerusalem blood moon in all of its astronomical glory. It was absolutely worth it.

08th Jan

Mitzpe Ramon: Hiking in the Heart of the Negev

Israel will always be known primarily for its religious destinations. Cities like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Nazareth play a critical role in the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran. But there is so much more in the Holy Land, including some fantastic backpacking through the Negev desert.

06th Jan

Nazareth: Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus

Most of us know the biblical significance of Nazareth. Jesus grew up in this city in northern Israel. His family lived here. But, that’s where, for many, our knowledge of the story stops. For some travelers, Nazareth doesn’t make the list of places to see in Israel, mainly because they run out of time. But, […]

04th Jan

The Top 10 Sites You Must Visit in Jerusalem

There’s so much to see in Jerusalem! If it’s your first time visiting this city, you may be a bit overwhelmed. The city is full of history and religious significance for Christians, Jews and Muslims. So, we’ve compiled a list to help you with your planning. Most places are located within walking distance of the […]