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On July 16, 2014 by Oren and Cassie

You can’t go to Chile without visiting a few wineries. It’s against the law. Ok, no, not really. It’s not against the law, but it absolutely should be. The valleys around Santiago produce some fantastic red wines and some great whites as well. We explored the Casablanca Valley with Uncorked Wine Tours.

The problem with driving yourself to wineries is that the necessity of driving yourself home limits the amount of wine that it’s wise to drink. And, inevitably, the person designated as the DD doesn’t get to sample some of the delicious wine that everyone else is enjoying. Enter Uncorked Wine Tours.



Uncorked Wine Tours takes you and your group to three different wineries, including a guide and lunch. They picked us up at Andes Hostel and Apartments and picked our friends up from their hotel. This isn’t merely a bus service. It really is a tour, with explanations of what makes Casablanca Valley ideal for certain types of wine, tours through each winery, and guided tastings of more than a few glasses of wine.

We visited Bodegas Re, Kingston Family Vineyards, and House Casa del Vino. We spent at least an hour at each winery, including an excellent lunch at House Casa del Vino where the chef paired four plates with four glasses of wine. Each winery has its own philosophy and its own feel, so we enjoyed three very different experiences.



Did I mention how much I love ceviche?


Carmenere is to Chile as Malbec is to Argentina. Originally from France, a disease wiped out the Carmenere vine in Europe in the 19th century. To make a long story short, Carmenere was rediscovered in Chile about 100 years later. Now, most of the world’s Carmenere comes from Chile. Moral of the story: drink lots of Carmenere in Chile, because this is where the best is made.

According to Wines of Chile, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most produced grape in Chile, followed by Merlot, and then Carmenere. For white wines, it’s all about Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

There are a lot different wine regions in Chile. If you’re curious to learn more about which regions focus on which grapes, check this page out.





In case you couldn’t tell from the video (which you should’ve watched at least 12 times now), we absolutely loved our time with Uncorked Wine Tours. The tour itself took all day. They picked us up in the morning from Andes Hostel and Apartments and dropped us off in the late afternoon. The experience was awesome, and we enjoyed it tremendously. It’s not cheap, but you get a full day of wine and a great meal. If you’re looking for something to splurge on in Santiago, this is it.


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