Follow the Yellowstone Road…

On August 11, 2013 by Oren and Cassie

In a sort of first test of our blog, our camera, and our gear, we went to Yellowstone with our family for a final U.S. vacation. We would never miss our annual opportunity to experience the sort of stress and insanity that are unique to large family gatherings. Yellowstone is breathtakingly beautiful in two very different ways. One is in the classically marvelous sense of the outdoors – trees as far as the eye can see, mountains reaching toward the heavens, herds of bison roaming the plains, and I’m just scratching the surface.

Yet that’s not what sets Yellowstone a world apart from any other place in the country. There are places in Yellowstone that look like they’re from another planet, drawn up by some mad scientist or, perhaps, a drunken project of Magrathea’s Slartibarfast after he finished designing Norway’s award-winning fjords.* These places – Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Prismatic Spring – are truly what make Yellowstone a national treasure.


Our personal favorite is Grand Prismatic Spring, a steaming hot pool of water that has all the colors of the rainbow in concentric circles. If not for the rotten egg stench – a natural consequence of the sulphur – we could spend all day hanging out here.

Much to our dismay, we did not see a bear, although we apparently just missed some bear traffic jams by a few minutes. Given the number of bear warning signs throughout the park, you’d think they’re hiding behind every tree. Sadly (or perhaps happily), they are not. Still, the $50 can of bear spray was worth it, just in case.

We put some of our favorite pictures in this gallery and more on our Yellowstone page. Check ’em out!

(From Oren) You may notice the very large and cumbersome leg brace I’m wearing on my right leg. I tore my ACL 6 weeks before our Yellowstone trip and had surgery 3 weeks before the trip. Word of advice for all those traveling to Yellowstone. Do NOT tear your ACL. A lot of people said I’m “brave” for doing some of the hikes. I told them the word they wanted is “stupid.”

We’ve also put together a bit of an itinerary and a list of what we think is worth seeing in the country’s first national park. You can’t do this park in a day. It’s not possible. We did 10-12 hour days and felt we saw everything in about 4 days. You’ll need 3 at a minimum.

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*Yes, Oren may at times make obscure Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy references. And this qualifies as his first! Or maybe his second if you count the title of this blog. Don’t worry. There will be many more. Much to Cassie’s chagrin.

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