Mei Ho House Review – Kowloon, Hong Kong

Finding affordable and spacious accommodations in Hong Kong can be a challenge. Mei Ho House is a newly opened youth hostel in the heart of Kowloon. The history behind this building simply adds to your visit in Hong Kong and it doesn’t hurt that almost everything is brand new. Here is our Mei Ho House review.


Mei Ho House has a important history in Hong Kong. It was one of the first public housing buildings built in this urban jungle back in 1954. After serving the low-income population for decades, the city decided to revitalize the historic landmark. Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association helped turn Mei Ho House from public housing into a youth hostel for travelers.

Dorm Rooms: Starting at $34 a night
Private Rooms: Starting at $100 a night

Notable Offers:
Clean, new rooms
Tasty restaurant
Helpful staff
Close to public transportation

You can still smell the fresh paint when you enter Mei Ho House. When we were there, school students were actually putting some finishing touches on the hostel’s walls by painting murals. The hostel is still the H-shaped building that was used for public housing, but the interior has been completely remade.

The hostel has a variety of very spacious rooms. A double room includes a TV, desk, table and chairs and tea/coffee items.



There are also dorm rooms available with bunk beds and lockers that include a charging port inside. Mei Ho House also designed rooms for families, using its L-shape rooms to create a main bedroom and a joint bedroom area.

While the hostel has more of a hotel feel, it is much simpler. There’s no daily room service and guests are asked to strip their beds when they check-out. Wi-fi isn’t free either, so guests wanting online access must pay a daily fee. Mei Ho House does offer a day of free wi-fi for guests if they “Like” the hostel’s Facebook fan page.

It was raining outside, so it was good we didn’t have to go very far to eat. Cafe 41 is located on the first floor of Mei Ho House. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were happy to see a western breakfast option on the menu. The cafe is open to the public, so it can get crowded on the weekends.


In an attempt to preserve and remember the history of public housing in Hong Kong, Mei Ho House has a museum called the Heritage of Mei Ho House. This free museum is a great way to understand the history behind this hostel.


If you’re willing to look for accommodation besides Hong Kong Island, Mei Ho House is worth the visit.

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