Lima Water Show Lights Up The Night

On August 6, 2014 by Oren and Cassie

Lima isn’t exactly known as the center of Peruvian tourism. That distinction belongs to Cusco, and for good reason. Most tourists pass through Lima only out of necessity, since most flights to Cusco require a layover in Peru’s capital. But it would be a mistake to miss some of Lima’s highlights, including the spectacular Lima water show.



If you’ve seen more than a handful of my pictures, you know I love night photography. It’s an entirely new challenge with some spectacular results (and some horrific failures). Extended exposures, light trails, motion blur – you can try it all at night. Take, for example, this pic from Paris. One of my favorites from the trip. It’s absolutely going up on the wall of my home when I have a home I can call my own and a wall to put it up on.


Then our travels took us to Peru, where I got to a chance to shoot the Lima water show. I had read a bit about this show and seen some pretty awesome pictures. The concept is simple. Build a bunch of cool fountains and light ’em up. The results are amazing, turning a stream of water and a light into a work of art in motion.




A tunnel of water. Neat!


There is a nominal entrance fee to the water show, which is in Parque de La Reserva. Our wonderful host was kind enough to pay for us to enter. Then we walked around the park, enjoying this quiet spot in Lima. (There aren’t many of these. Lima is a very big, very crazy city. Imagine Saigon with fewer motorbikes.)

There are 13 fountains, and each has its own unique design. Some fountains you can walk through. Others you just admire from a distance. We spent quite a bit of time looking at each one. The Lima water show is the Guinness Book of World Records record-holder for “world’s largest fountain complex in a public park,” which begs the question, are there so many large fountain complexes that we need a public park and private park category? Apparently, yes.




The highlight of the Lima water show is the grand water performance, which (I believe) occurs twice a night. Once again, the concept is simple. Choreograph the main fountain to some music, then shoot a video through the fountain. The water acts as a kind of screen, allowing you to admire the show as it projects onto the waters of the fountains. Very cool.

The show is about 20-30 minutes long, and it takes about an hour to walk through the rest of the park and see the Lima water show. (By the way, it’s official title is the “Magic Water Circuit,” but “Lima water show” is far more descriptive and helpful.) It makes for a great evening in the city if you’re looking for something unique to do one evening.





We make our dreams reality… in Spanish.


Unless your hostel or hotel is right next to Parque de La Reserva, I have some very simple advice. Take a cab. Like I said, Lima is a large, crazy city. Better to simply take a cab to the park and back. There are plenty of cab drivers waiting at the exit to take you back to your accomodations.

Looking for more stuff to do in Peru? Hike the Inca Trail, of course!!

Enjoy the show!


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6 Responses to “Lima Water Show Lights Up The Night”

  • This is really cool. Fantastic night shots and the water show looks really unique.

    • Thanks so much! We definitely recommend check out the Lima water show if you’re in town.

  • Beautiful photos! What a nice attraction! Though, I think its good for travellers to visit cities and places not considered as the capital. You might discover certain gems like this!

    • Agreed! Every place has its unique attractions that are worth seeking out and exploring. The light show was incredibly unique and super cool.

  • We battled through the Lima rush hour on a bus for over two hours to see this, only to find it’s shut on Mondays! So thanks for the pictures, nice to see what we missed!

    • Lima traffic is crazier than Saigon traffic, which is saying something!! It stinks that you missed it – it’s a very cool, peaceful display in the middle of this wild, chaotic city. Next time 🙂

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