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The Insulin Express

24th Oct

Our Top 10 Spain Pictures

We traveled through Spain for 2 and a half weeks, visiting many of the big cities and some of the small ones. Our journey took us through Catalonia, Madrid, and Andalusia. We took more than 1,200 photos in that time. Here are our Top 10 Spain pictures. Think you’ve got better pictures? Let us know! […]

24th Oct

Flamenco and the History of Sevilla

We came to Sevilla with one purpose and ended up with three days filled with memories and stories. Our simple goal was to see flamenco, the traditional dance of Andalusia. In the end, we fell in love with this city for its history and its people. Sure they killed thousands of Jews here because of […]

21st Oct

Cordoba and a Mashup of Faiths

Cordoba is a microcosm of Andalusia – a mashup of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish history that permeates the city. Ask any Andalusian about Cordoba, and they’ll tell you that the city is “preciosa.” Precious. We couldn’t agree more. And nowhere is the city’s unique mix of cultures more evident than the biggest attraction here. THE […]

17th Oct

Granada, Alhambra, and a Culture of Bullfighting

Granada is famous for one thing and one thing alone: the Alhambra. There’s more to see in this historic city, but it all starts with the Alhambra. This fortress on a mountain dates back to the days of the Moors – Muslims from Northern Africa that lived in Southern Spain. No longer are we on […]