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The Insulin Express

17th Oct

Madrid: Big City on a Small Budget

Like any big city in Europe (and especially the capital cities), Madrid can get expensive. Very expensive if you’re not careful. There are shops, sights, and museums that can add up quickly. The great thing about Madrid is that you can enjoy the city without burning through your bankroll if you know where to find the […]

14th Oct

Segovia: The (Other) Perfect Madrid Daytrip Part 2

We started our Madrid daytrip series with a look at Toledo, which is Oren’s favorite. Now we move on to my favorite Madrid daytrip: Segovia. It only takes about 90 minutes by bus to get there from the capital of Spain. It won’t take too long to “conquer” the city – just a few hours. […]

13th Oct

Toledo and the Cathedral of Bling: Madrid Daytrips Part 1

Toledo should top any list of Madrid daytrips. Of course, Cassie disagrees and thinks Segovia is a better Madrid daytrip, which explains why we have a Part 1 and (will soon have) a Part 2. In my opinion, there are other great cities around the Spanish capital, but none have quite the – what’s the […]

10th Oct

The Best of Barcelona

Barcelona has a tremendous amount to offer in a city that doesn’t feel too crowded or too urban. It’s clean, contemporary, and fun. The metro is also one of the best we’ve seen (in Europe or the U.S.), so getting around this sprawling metropolis is quick and easy. There’s a lot to do here, so […]