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The Insulin Express

08th Oct

A Day of Barcelona Daytrips

In Florence, we met Cassie’s family. Now it’s my turn. We met my parents in Barcelona. We were coming from France, they were coming from Basque country in Northern Spain – San Sebastian, Biblao, and Santiago de Compostela. (I would direct you to their blog, but they haven’t even figured out Facebook, let alone WordPress). […]

06th Oct

Top Five Reasons to Visit Carcassonne

We may not have the best original reason for visiting Carcassonne (more on that later), but we’re glad we did! This medieval city has a history that dates back about 2,500 years, which makes it 10 times older than the Liberty Bell. Oh, and the Liberty Bell isn’t in a castle. 1) YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED […]

03rd Oct

Marseille: The City You Shouldn’t Skip

Marseille is the city at the bottom of the average tourist’s France itinerary – the first one to get crossed off the list if time gets tight. Many travelers simply skip the third largest city in France. It is gritty and grimy. It has its dangerous sections. And it has a bad reputation. Sounds like […]

01st Oct

French Riviera Musts: Relaxing, Rejuvenating, and Eating

In the spirit of living in Nice and on the French Riviera, 42nd Class wanted to buy a yacht. But after pulling together our unaccounted for euros, this is all we could afford. Small, plain, and about to sink. We didn’t really buy a boat. We had much more fun looking at other people’s floating […]