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The Insulin Express

20th Sep

Florence: All in La Famiglia

When you think of Italian culture, what comes to mind? Maybe a huge family sitting around a table, laughing, drinking wine and enjoying a pasta or pizza dinner? Somewhere, gelati fits in there, too. It’s not just food that makes the scene. It’s brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents. In Italy, it’s all about family. And in […]

18th Sep

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

We hit the ground running in Rome and haven’t stopped yet. (As proof, it’s 2:06 AM when Oren started writing this blog post.) Our flight touched down at 8:15 Monday morning, and after a couple quick stops at Roma Termini to store our luggage and get a SIM card for our phone, we were on […]

14th Sep

Our Chinese Visa Story

We finally got our Chinese visa. And by we, I mean I, and by I, I mean Oren. It only took five trips to the Chinese Consulate, two different applications, one letter from my boss, and a tremendous amount of patience. We did everything we were supposed to, including all the research necessary to make sure our […]

11th Sep

Malaria Medication Made Easy

Goal number one: Don’t contract malaria! An estimated 30,000 international travelers contract malaria annually. Based on this statistic alone, we knew that preventing malaria and getting the right malaria medication would be a serious discussion point with our travel doctor for our trip. Although malaria  has been nearly wiped out in Western countries, it’s still […]