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The Insulin Express

08th Sep

We Need Our Fix (of Vaccines)

If you are afraid of a) going to the doctor or b) getting shots, it’s time to conquer those fears. One of the most important planning aspects of traveling is getting vaccinations. Luckily, we’re not afraid of needles. And you won’t be either if you get stuck with as many needles as us. Depending on your destination, […]

01st Sep

Our Life in a Box…

Every day brings us a step closer to our journey. We have finally gotten through one of our biggest remaining hurdles – getting everything in storage. It was a tough decision when we were planning our around the world trip. What to keep? What to sell? What to donate? It’s amazing how much “stuff” a […]

27th Aug

Philadelphia in a Day… or Two

Thinking about visiting the “City of Brotherly Love?” Need an itinerary for Philadelphia in a day? Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning guest, Philadelphia can be an overwhelming place. Drivers and traffic alone will get your blood boiling, not to mention how difficult it is to elicit a smile from the people passing […]

11th Aug

Follow the Yellowstone Road…

In a sort of first test of our blog, our camera, and our gear, we went to Yellowstone with our family for a final U.S. vacation. We would never miss our annual opportunity to experience the sort of stress and insanity that are unique to large family gatherings. Yellowstone is breathtakingly beautiful in two very […]