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The Insulin Express

23rd Sep

TWD: 35 (Awesome!) Miles for a Cure

This past Saturday, I hopped on my bike (or, more accurately, my friend’s bike) and pedaled 35 miles with my father-in-law as part of the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure. And what an awesome experience it was!

15th Sep

Tempus Fugit: Our One Year Tripiversary

Wow. Tempus fugit. Time flies. One year ago today, we left on our grand adventure. We boarded US Airways 718 from Philadelphia to Rome and began the trip we’d been planning for months. What an amazing experience to look back upon.

12th Sep

A Culture of Graffiti: Valparaiso Street Art

Let’s be honest. I’m not an art guy. Many of you may know this already. I don’t get why the Mona Lisa is special, I despise “modern art” nearly as much as I despise “contemporary art” even though I can’t tell you the difference, and I still can’t believe four mothers named their sons after […]

03rd Sep

I Got Lassoed at Sayta Horse Ranch

I swear it was Cassie’s idea. She heard about all the horses in South America and wanted to visit a horse ranch. I figured it sounded like fun, even though I’ve only ridden a horse once in my life. I was blown away. Our two days on a horse ranch in Salta, Argentina ended up […]