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The Insulin Express

21st Jul

Meals of the Mundo: Hungarian Palinka

Just as I try to eat whatever the locals eat, I try to drink whatever the locals drink. In Hungary, that means drinking a lot of palinka. You can find it everywhere in Budapest and probably the rest of the country. How much you drink depends on how adventurous you want to be. 

16th Jul

Santiago’s Wine Country Uncorked

You can’t go to Chile without visiting a few wineries. It’s against the law. Ok, no, not really. It’s not against the law, but it absolutely should be. The valleys around Santiago produce some fantastic red wines and some great whites as well. We explored the Casablanca Valley with Uncorked Wine Tours.

14th Jul

Meals of the Mundo: Duck Tongue

Ok, I get it. It’s duck tongue. I haven’t said anything else yet, and you’re already disgusted. If not, you should be. Because it’s the tongue. Of a duck. Hence the name: duck tongue. It doesn’t sound pretty. It doesn’t look all that pretty. But it is quite tasty. Stay with me through this one.

11th Jul

Cusco: The City That Will Leave You Breathless

I fell in love with Cusco the minute I stepped into Plaza de Armas, the central square of this beautiful town set high in the Andes. Cusco is well-known to backpackers as the base of operations for the Inca Trail, but there is so much more to this charming city.