A Photo Journey Through the Angkor Temples

On May 10, 2014 by Oren and Cassie

Angkor is so much more than just Angkor Wat. The most famous temple in the area is definitely worth a visit at sunrise, but don’t miss some of the other incredible Angkor temples. Here are some of our favorite pictures of our 3-day journey through Angkor.

The Angkor temples are some of the most amazing sights we have seen on our trip. We couldn’t pick our favorite picture any more than we can pick our favorite travel location or our favorite flavor of ice cream (although mine is, incidentally, mint chocolate chip). We decided instead to take you on a photo journey through the Angkor temples.


That guy’s job is to remove weeds from the Angkor temples. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but he’s about 40 feet above the ground. Everyone at this temple, called Bayon, stopped looking at the many faces and stared at this guy.




It’s incredible that all of the 200 faces at Bayon are identical. Go ahead. Try not to be impressed. I dare you.


How many faces can you spot in the above picture? There are dozens.


In some of the Angkor temples, the trees grew around the bricks, creating incredible ruins that we could’ve stared at for hours.












One of the more amazing aspects of Angkor is that, with a few exceptions, you’re allowed to climb all over the temples. I would imagine that, at some point, the tourism authority will crack down on this freewheeling fun, but, for now, enjoy the opportunity to explore in any way you want!


These last two pictures are HDR images that I’ve started playing with. They’re meant to look surreal. We have many more Angkor Wat sunrise pictures for you to check out.




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