RTW Tickets Booked!

On August 1, 2013 by Oren and Cassie

Although we’ve been earnestly planning round-the-world (RTW) our trip for months and it has seemed very real (and very imminent), it doesn’t become something tangible an itinerary arrives in your inbox. And it finally has.

We just booked our tickets, picked our flights, chose our seats, and yelled at our credit card companies that, yes, this is in fact a legitimate purchase that we’re trying to make and could you please allow the transaction to go through.This isn’t an African prince promising us untold millions in exchange for fraudulent airfare.

Here’s the abbreviated rundown of our itinerary: Italy, France, Spain, more France, maybe some Belgium, Ireland, Hungary,Kenya, a bit of Israel, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Japan, Peru, Chile, Argentina. 18 countries. 19 if you count a quick stop in San Francisco on our trans-Pacific route.

RTW Ticket

Our Star Alliance map for our RTW Ticket

We got our tickets through the Star Alliance Round-The-World ticket, which turns out to be a pretty great tool for figuring out your travels within certain restrictions. Max of 39,000 miles. 15 stops. Pick one direction and keep going until you’re back where you started. It all sounds so simple, and the curving trajectories of flight paths around the globe look so inviting. Almost like you could strap on feather wings and traverse the globe on your own with Icarus and Deadalus. You can even pick economy, business, or first class. Sadly, there is no 42nd Class. I’ll have my people talk to their people.

Bring on the frequent flier miles. Lots and lots of frequent flier miles. We have a Star Alliance frequent flier card, so naturally we gravitated towards their RTW ticket. There are some other options for RTW tickets, like Oneworld and Skyteam, but Star Alliance is definitely the front runner. More airlines, more countries, more options.

In all the excitement of coming one (big) step closer to traveling, I naturally spelled my middle name wrong and will probably be denied boarding on every flight despite my animated protests that, yes, I have a trip and a blog and a wife that all need taking care of (although, as Cassie astutely points out, she takes care of me). I called Star Alliance to change my middle name to its correct spelling – it shouldn’t be a big deal.

As of today, we are 46 days away from departure. Somehow, it feels like we have 47 days worth of stuff to do before we’re ready to go, which is a paradox in the time-space continuum that I think every traveler gets caught in. We have most of our stuff, and defintely all the big stuff. A few final purchases to make. Our gear to check. Our bags to pack (and repack until they’re small and can be crammed into the overhead compartments). And then we’re off.


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