30th Jan

Into Thin(ner) Air: Part 2 of Our Himalayas Trek

To say that we climbed 10,000 feet to Annapurna Base Camp during our hike is both accurate and misleading. We certainly went from 3,000 to 13,500 feet, but we also crossed three valleys, meaning we had to descend one mountain and ascend another mountain. In the end, we climbed much more than 10,000 feet before […]

28th Jan

The Climb Begins: Part 1 of our Himalayas Trek

Only a handful of people have scaled Mount Everest in winter, and for good reason. Hurricane-force winds lash the world’s highest peak, while freezing temperatures blanket anything above 10,000 feet. Weather in the Himalayas changes mercilessly during the coldest months, often shifting from bad to good to bad again within minutes. So remind me again […]