20th Nov
sumo-traditions-wrestling (1)

Sumo Traditions: A Sport of Centuries

To watch a sumo match is to immerse yourself in centuries of tradition. It is a way of stepping back in time, to an era when ceremony and ritual were just as important as final victory. Although we didn’t fully understand all of the sumo traditions, we felt the immeasurable respect the Japanese have for […]

12th Sep

A Culture of Graffiti: Valparaiso Street Art

Let’s be honest. I’m not an art guy. Many of you may know this already. I don’t get why the Mona Lisa is special, I despise “modern art” nearly as much as I despise “contemporary art” even though I can’t tell you the difference, and I still can’t believe four mothers named their sons after […]

20th Aug

Thank you for a Year of Memories

It’s hard to believe our year of travel has come to an end. And what a ride it has been, encompassing 47 weeks and 30 countries. Every place we visited was incredible for so many reasons, but it’s the people you meet along the way that truly make a trip special. They turn a destination […]

01st May

Take in the Quiet Beauty of the Luang Prabang Monks

It’s a Buddhist tradition that started hundreds of years ago. Every morning around 5:30 am, a line of Luang Prabang monks wearing orange robes begin to appear along the main city street. Locals kneel along the sidewalk with their freshly-made rice, waiting for the monks to approach. Tak Bat is one of the quietest and […]