01st Oct

5 Incredible Hikes to Add to Your Bucket List

There’s no better way to experience the great outdoors than to walk through it. Lace up your boots, toss on your pack, and start trekking. To that end, Cassie and I sought out great hiking spots during our trip. Some hikes lasted only a few hours; others took a few days. But they were all […]

04th Feb

5 Decisions You Have to Make Before Your Himalayas Trek

You don’t have to be an expert trekker to conquer one of the many Himalayan treks available in Nepal. But, you do have to be smart about planning. We’ve compiled these five tips to help get you started… or maybe to quell your fears a bit.

01st Feb

Back Down to Earth: Part 3 of our Himalayas Trek

Standing at 13,500 feet, having gone through the most physically demanding experience of my life, I couldn’t help but thinking that I was only halfway done. Now I had to get back down. Our descent back to our starting point proved far easier and included a stop at the amazing hot springs of Jhinu.

30th Jan

Into Thin(ner) Air: Part 2 of Our Himalayas Trek

To say that we climbed 10,000 feet to Annapurna Base Camp during our hike is both accurate and misleading. We certainly went from 3,000 to 13,500 feet, but we also crossed three valleys, meaning we had to descend one mountain and ascend another mountain. In the end, we climbed much more than 10,000 feet before […]