Our Top 10 Spain Pictures

On October 24, 2013 by Oren and Cassie

We traveled through Spain for 2 and a half weeks, visiting many of the big cities and some of the small ones. Our journey took us through Catalonia, Madrid, and Andalusia. We took more than 1,200 photos in that time. Here are our Top 10 Spain pictures. Think you’ve got better pictures? Let us know!

10) Plaza Mayor panoramic, Madrid

Plaza Mayor is, in many ways, the heart of Madrid. This large, open area is a stage for street performers that keep the crowds entertained. It’s a place to eat at all hours of the day and night. And it’s a great spot to grab a drink and soak in the Madrid culture.

 top 10 spain pictures


9) Alhambra Courtyard, Granada

Granada is best known for the Alhambra, a Muslim fortress built on top of a mountain that overlooks the city. Muslim architecture calls for a pool in every courtyard. Here the water was so still it provided a mirror reflection of the walls around it.

 top 10 spain pictures

8) The Aqueduct, Segovia

Segovia’s aqueduct towers above the homes and businesses of the city. At the right angle, the aqueduct seems to vanish off into the horizon, winding its way into the hills to find water for the city.

top 10 spain pictures

7) Monastery, Montserrat

We spotted this monastery on our way down from Santa Maria de Montserrat. The road curves and doglegs down the steep mountain. At one spot, we got a great view of the monastery.

 top 10 spain pictures

6) The Cathedral-Mesquita, Cordoba

What the Alhambra is to Granada, the Cathedral-Mesquita is to Cordoba. This mosque-turned-cathedral dominates the Cordoba skyline from across the river. The bridge leading up to the Cathedral-Mesquita completes the picture.

 top 10 spain pictures

5) Plaza de Espana panoramic, Barcelona

Another panoramic here, this one looking at Placa d’Espanya in Barcelona. This view is from the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, which makes our Top 10 Spain photos list as well.

 top 10 spain pictures

4) Santa Maria de Montserrat, Montserrat

Santa Maria de Montserrat isn’t overly decorated or glitzy like many other churches we saw. There is beautiful art here, but it’s not overstated. The designers got this one just right.

 top 10 spain pictures

3) Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona

As promised, a picture of the museum, but at night. The 4 lit columns in front stand in stark contrast to the dark museum behind.

 top 10 spain pictures

2) La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Gaudi’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, had to be on the list. But we chose to go with the inside of this massive cathedral. In this vertical panoramic, you see the supporting columns branch their way out towards the ceiling, creating the natural look that Gaudi wanted.

top 10 spain pictures

1) Chariot on Fire, Madrid

We went to the top floor of a building in Madrid to snag this picture. The timing was perfect. The sun had just set, lighting the sky on fire with reds and yellows. The chariot rider leads his horses effortlessly, racing towards the setting sun.

top 10 spain pictures

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