When Travel Changes Your Life

On August 29, 2015 by Oren and Cassie

Let me start with an apology. It has been more than half a year since we’ve written a blog post (which happened to include one of my favorite pictures of Japan). That’s the bad news. The good news is that we have what we consider a fairly legitimate excuse. Oren got an amazing job.

One of the biggest concerns we heard from people before we traveled was, “What about your jobs? What will you do for work when you get back?” We didn’t know. We never had a good answer to that question, but we never felt we needed one. We decided we would both┬ásearch for jobs when we got back, and whoever landed the first job would determine our location.


The last picture together of our trip.

Within a few days of returning, I was offered a fantastic job at a great charter school in Harlem. So New York would be our home base. And so it was, for all of about 4 months. But soon after settling in, Oren was offered an incredible job opportunity. CNN offered Oren the position of Jerusalem correspondent for the network. He gladly accepted, and moved over to Jerusalem in late February.

If everyone ever doubts your decision to travel long-term because of some fear of finding work upon your return, tell them this story. There is little doubt in our minds that our international travels made Oren far more attractive to CNN as an international correspondent. Traveling opened up doors that we never would have discovered if we stayed home. We have written about all the friends we met, all the places we have seen, but this is about all the opportunities that came our way. Traveling was the best decision we have ever made.


It was a busy first few weeks!

The timing of the offer was incredibly apropos. Oren and I scheduled a vacation in Panama for Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, since my school gave us a week off. It was exactly one year since Oren had been diagnosed with T1 diabetes, so it was a powerful statement for us to be on the road on that day. Halfway through the trip, after touring a coffee farm in Boquete, while having dinner Oren checked his email and got the official offer from CNN. We had a wonderful dinner and an incredible evening, celebrating the new job opportunity.
panama-pictures (109)

The day Oren got the offer from CNN.

Obviously, we have some travels to catch you up on. Since wrapping up our long-term travel, we have been to Amsterdam, Panama, Maine, and we’ll be heading for Scotland in October. Oren also visited Nepal for coverage of the earthquake in late April. These are all blog posts we hope to write for you soon.


A beautiful sunset in Maine… just to prove that we’re still traveling.

But for now, just know that we’re very much back. Still traveling, still writing, and still having a blast.

See you on the road!


7 Responses to “When Travel Changes Your Life”

  • Congratulations!!! What a thrilling opportunity! Best wishes in your new endeavor!

  • I was watching CNN when Oren appeared on the screen – I was delighted to see him. It was as if I was seeing an old friend. Lots of good health and happiness to you as you continue on life’s journey. – Clare in Philly

    • Thanks so much for watching! I promise to be on CNN more… and on the road ­čÖé

  • Oh, it’s so nice to read you again! Here’s hoping that somehow you will figure out a way to come visit us again and attempt to wear out your welcome.

  • Inspiring! I have a similar story for mine. 5 years ago I paused my career to go traveling around the world – 15 countries through SE Asia. It was an amazing experience, and people kept asking how I could possible be traveling during the worst economy recession in my lifetime. It was a life-changing experience, and the experience made me much more interesting in my career (advertising) with my clients. If interested, check out my adventures at Visit50.com.
    PS – I’m on a similar extended trip again, this time in Europe. Greetings from Latvia!

    • Such an awesome story! Traveling gives you stories, experiences, and memories. You just have to be careful not to start too many of your conversations with “When I was hanging out in western China…”

      We’ll definitely check out your website!

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