Thank you for a Year of Memories

On August 20, 2014 by Oren and Cassie

It’s hard to believe our year of travel has come to an end. And what a ride it has been, encompassing 47 weeks and 30 countries. Every place we visited was incredible for so many reasons, but it’s the people you meet along the way that truly make a trip special. They turn a destination into an experience. They make a year of memories from a round-the-world trip.

We made our first friends on Day 1 of our trip – Louise from France and Gianfranco from Rome. We met them while Courchsurfing in Castelnuovo, a beautiful small town outside of Rome where we stayed for 2 nights. From there, we made new friends almost everyday. Like I said before, every traveler is a friend.


The very first day of our trip, hanging out at the Colosseum in Rome!


The first new friends from our year of memories!


Thank you to every single person we met on the trip, and thank you to everyone who followed our trip back home and around the world. Thank you to everyone we stayed with, everyone who shared a meal or a drink, everyone who made us laugh, who split a cab with us, who gave us directions, who helped us when we were lost. Thank you to everyone who gave us medical care, who smiled at us, who shook our hands. Thank you to the young Buddhist monks who sat quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) as we taught English. Thank you to everyone who encouraged us, supported us, emboldened us, cheered us, applauded us. Thank you to everyone who emailed us, sent us Facebook messages, and called during the most difficult part of our trip. Thank you to our tour guides and porters, our pilots and flight attendants, our bus drivers and ferry pilots. Thank you to everyone I haven’t mentioned.

Thank you all a thousand times over.


Can’t wait to see these guys again in Marseille… or in the States!


The only picture I have of some of our closest friends on the trip is Rob ordering food. How appropriate.


Our trip would have been a very different – and less fun! – experience without Team Bender.


So what was our favorite country? And what was the most bizarre food we ate in a year of travel? Of course, we have answers to those questions (Ireland, duck tongue), but we also have many more blog posts to write about those topics and many more.

We loved Thailand, and we recommend a trip there to everyone. So much to see, and it’s all so darn cheap! Bangkok is awesome, the ruins in the north are fascinating, and the beaches in the south are divine. At least they’re supposed to be. We didn’t make it to the beache this time, but we certainly will next time.


This is one reason why you need to visit Thailand.


First, we’re rebranding, but only a little bit. Our “slogan” if you can call it that, was “One couple, one year, one world travel blog.” It became very obvious to us during our journey that travel isn’t a one-time experience. It is a state of mind, and it is a way of life. So our new “slogan” will be “One couple, one life, one world travel blog.” We know we will travel again. For now, it’ll be small weekend trips. But we’re already planning our next journey. We’re always thinking about our next adventure!

Second, we have A LOT of stuff we haven’t posted yet. Remember all the time we spent in Japan? Of course you don’t, because we didn’t write about it. Yet. We have a lot of South America left to write about and all of Iceland. All that is still coming your way. So keep following along! And we’ll keep taking pictures, shooting videos, and bringing you along on our adventures. We have many more years or memories ahead!


We can’t wait to do a big trip like this again, but we know it won’t happen right away. In the meantime, we want to hear about your big trips! Send us your stories. We always love to hear what other people experienced on the road.

These days I sign off a lot of my emails the same way, which seems fitting to end this post.

See you on the road!



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